Friday, April 30, 2010

My Photo Hunt 7 pics!

A different point of view
A perspective shot
Sign of Spring
A letter found/formed in nature
Mother Earth
Something Rare
Something Healthy
Something Colorful
Something Spicy
Something Triangular


Rhonda said...

Loved your signs of spring (Wasp), the trio of cows and Healthy - Bibles.
Great job!!!

malandbrian said...

Love perspective, touch and sound! Great job!

Amanda D said...

I love the books on healthy. How clever! I definitely needs books in my life. Great shots! Good luck!

Samara Link said...

There's some good stuff here, Shannie. I thought taking books for something healthy was a little bit brilliant. Feeds the soul. I get it. It's clever. I also really liked your shots for perspective (the guitar) and spring (the bug on the fence). Both of those are really nice photographs! Your fish shot is the most clever one I've seen so far, too. Good finds!

Faith said...

awesome collection. Loved the healthy and perspective and the fish was totally rockin...great job!

Raquel said...

"Smell' and 'water' were my favorites. Good collection :)

Kristi said...

Great job, Shannie! I love the "healthy", point of view, so many others too!

Ang said...

way too many great shots to pick just a few as favorites! great job!

Mom24 said...

You did a great job! I love your trio and fish.

Shauna said...

Wow you captured each category so well. My favorites are perspective, different point of view, and sound! Good job!

homeschoolceo said...

Wow, these are great shots! Love the perspectives. Very nice!!